My GPS location is inaccurate.

My GPS location is inaccurate.

Like any app that uses location services, GetGo Dundee works better if your Wi-Fi is also turned on, even if you are not connected to any WiFi network.

Here are some other things you can do to help fix the problem:
  1. Hold your device flat and move it in a ‘figure of 8’ motion. This can help your device’s GPS location to calibrate.
  2. Try to move to an area where there are no obstacles in the way and ideally a clear view of the sky. If you’re underground or there’s a large building near-by, this can disrupt your location information.

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    • Does GPS use a lot of my device’s battery?

      We only use GPS when GetGo Dundee is open on your screen and then only in moments when we need it for detecting your current location (for example, when you’re viewing your current location on an interactive map). We spend a lot of time trying to ...
    • Why are you asking for permission to access my location?

      We need this permission to allow you to plan a journey from your ‘current location’ and to show you your live location on the interactive map. If you choose not to share your location you can still use GetGo Dundee, but you will have to enter your ...
    • How do I give GetGo Dundee permission to access my location?

      If you have not allowed location sharing, but would like to, the settings will differ between iOS and android. For iOS:  Open settings Scroll down to ‘GetGo Dundee’ Click ‘Location’ Select ‘While Using the App’ or ‘Always’ For Android:  Open ...
    • Why can I not see any events in my area? They are all very far away.

      The events shown on GetGo Dundee are all based in and around Dundee.  The distance from you calculation is based on your current location if you have agreed to share it with the app. See ‘How do I give GetGo Dundee permission to access my location?’.
    • Why can’t I find any train station information on GetGo Dundee?

      The data feed for train station information covers all of Scotland. If you are outside Scotland you won’t see any train station information. Make sure you have allowed GetGo access to your current location. See ‘How do I give GetGo Dundee permission ...